Blogging for Belonging, Community and Connection

There is an important story that needs to come through each of us…

“The only way a community can heal itself is to draw out the story coming through each individual. Only when we recognise the events of our lives, and of those who went before us, as leading us in a meaningful direction can we pick up the threads of our story in the present time and weave forward with common purpose.” [TOKO-PA TURNER]

Welcome Friends!

We’re launching this blog because we have so much more for the online community than a 60-second Instagram video or 280-character tweet can help us with. Did you know the ideal Facebook post is 40 characters long, out of the optional 63206 characters available to us!? This shows us that social media users want condensed, scannable, scrollable, minimal content, but if you’re on social media you already know that.

The longer a person reads for, the harder the brain must work to process the information- THIS IS GREAT!

• We are looking to take people further, to engage minds in deeper meaning and to slow life down.

• We want to reach people looking for purposeful specific content and not just be stumbled across in a feed.

• We want to create a safe space to provide content that is less flooded with others content above it, below it, left and right swiped, less scrolled unconsciously and with less algorithms controlling us.

• We want content with fewer social trends and idealised images.

And so here we go on our path to develop a stronger community rather than just a larger community and to work on quality rather than quantity! We hope we add to your wisdom, extend your knowledge and ensure you feel a sense of belonging in the world.

In saying all this, if you would rather be social in bite size bits then that’s also great! EACH TO THEIR OWN.






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